What We Do For You

From the day you are born, life brings a steady stream of changes.
Each time, new needs arise.
Each time, you adapt.
Early on, handling change appears simpler because you have been “trained” to deal with education, managing a career, raising a family, etc. Later, however, as you enter the second half of life, complex financial challenges arise that may be well beyond your comfort zone. They could include issues surrounding:

      • Wealth management and retirement planning
      • Retirement income distribution
      • Inheritance and estate planning/tax reduction strategies
      • Passing along a business
      • The loss of a spouse (death or divorce)
      • Managing the changing financial needs and uncertainties associated with advanced         age
      • The confusion about insurance and investment products used for retirement

The Kaleel Company has helped its clients with financial matters since 1971. Today, our expertise is focused on the financial needs brought on by change in the later chapters of your life. With our unique, personal touch, and strong one-on-one relationships, we specialize in developing roadmaps that provide leadership, guidance, eliminate confusion, and help to bring greater confidence. We will work to help you protect your financial future, in a time when you deserve to live well.





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